Action specials

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Action specials are function which are activated either by UWMF#Triggers or DECORATE actions.

List of Action specials

  • 1:Door_Open(tag, speed, delay, lock, type)
Activates the tile as a sliding door. Typical speed is 16. Lock specifies what keys are needed according to LOCKDEFS. Delay is the number of tics the door is held open or -1 for a door that should remain open until manually closed, typically this is 300. Type is either 0 for horizontal doors or 1 for vertical doors. (Further values are reserved for other types of door animation in the future.)
  • 2:Pushwall_Move(tag, speed, direction, distance)
Moves the pushwall in the trigger's tile. A typical speed is 8. Direction specifies the relative direction to move the pushwall (0 = right, 2 = back, 4 = left, 6 = towards). Distance is in tiles or 0 if it should move until blocked. If 8 is added to the direction then the direction is absolute (8 = east, 10 = north, 12 = west, 14 = south). Odd directions are reserved for when diagonal pushwalls are supported.
  • 3:Exit_Normal(pos)
Exits the level using the standard exit. Pos is reserved and should be 0.
  • 4:Exit_Secret(pos)
Exits the level using the secret exit. Pos is reserved and should be 0.
  • 5:Teleport_NewMap(map, pos, flags)
Exits and travels to the specified map by levelnum. Pos is reserved and should be 0. Flags are 1 = Keep direction, 2 = Keep position.
  • 6:Exit_VictorySpin()
Standard exit but does a BJ jump sequence. Normally activated by a pickup. This sequence is partially handled by the BJRun actor which is spawned.
  • 7:Exit_Victory(pos)
Exits the level using the victory exit. Pos is reserved and should be 0.
  • 8:Trigger_Execute(x, y, z)
Executes all triggers on a given map spot. Useful for activating something on monster death or having multiple switches do the same thing.
  • 9:StartConversation(tid, facetalker) (New from 1.3)
This is an experimental function for starting a USDF dialog. Not very useful with current implementation. Documented here for completeness.
  • 10:Door_Elevator(switchtag, speed, delay, lock, type) (New from 1.3)
Similar to Door_Open in every manner except that the tag should point to the elevator switch.
  • 11:Elevator_SwitchFloor(elevtag, doortag, callspeed, nexttag) (New from 1.3)
Note: Elevator support is somewhat experimental and may be missing a few features. Changes may occur in order to improve compatibility with Rise of the Triad.
Triggers the elevator movement. Elevtag should be the tag of the first switch in the sequence. Doortag is to point to the door for this stop. Callspeed is the time it takes for the elevator to move to or from this floor. Nexttag is to point to the next switch in the sequence. Things in the elevator are moved relative to the switch and the door.