Art screens

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Art screens are used to provide an in game manual as well as provide story elements between clusters. They are simply specifically formatted text and do not have any specific naming convention, although the Read This screen is HELPART.


A command is a letter prefixed with the caret character ('^') possibly followed by some specific formatting. The following commands are recognized. Commands with EOL indicate they must be on a separate line.

  • ^;<anything> EOL - Comment
  • ^> - Indent
Indents the text 160 pixels.
  • ^B<x> <y> <w> <h> EOL - Black-out
Create a black rectangle with the specified dimensions.
  • ^C<index> - Stencil Color
Sets the font to a stencil mode with the color specified by palette index. Not recommended for use.
  • ^C[<textcolor>] - Font Color
Sets the font to a color specified in TEXTCOLO. This will retain font shading.
  • ^E - End of File
Ends page and the art script.
  • ^G<y> <x> <index> - Draw Image by Index
Draws an image by an art index specified in TEXTURES. Not recommended for use.
  • ^G<y> <x> [<texture>] - Draw Image by Name
Draws an image in the specified location by texture name.
  • ^L<y> <x> EOL - Set Position
Sets the font drawing position in lines.
  • ^P - End of Page
Ends the current page and starts the next.
  • ^T<y> <x> <index>
Waits time and then draws an image by index.
  • ^T<y> <x> [<texture>] <time> EOL - Timed Image Draw by Name
Waits time and then draws an image by texture name.