Compile ECWolf on Windows

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This guide will demonstrate how to compile the Mercurial version of ECWolf on Windows.


The following programs are used by ECWolf. The versions listed below are known to work, however other versions may work.

  • CMake 3.11 or later (2.8.12 is the minimum but 3.11 or later is recommended)
  • Mercurial
  • Compiler of your choice. Visual Studio 2017 is recommended, but one can also use Visual Studio 2005 or MinGW-w64 8.1.

In addition to the above, ECWolf comes with a copy of the following which can optionally be compiled separately if you are so inclined.

Note that it is also possible to build with vanilla MinGW for legacy OS support, but you will need to use SDL 1.2 (Set FORCE_SDL12 in CMake) and provide SDL and SDL_net yourself. You can use the internal SDL_mixer with both SDL2 and SDL 1.2.

Retrieving the Source

Use Mercurial to retrieve the latest version of the source.

hg clone

Mercurial will also automatically download SDL, SDL_mixer, and SDL_net sources during this stage.


First open the CMake GUI and put the location to the source code in the source code path. (Note that this is not the src directory in the repository but the root.) Then for the directory to build the binary in, create a build directory in the source code directory and use that. Once the two paths are entered click "Configure."

Here select the compiler you're going to generate the project for. Select the Visual Studio version you're using or MinGW Makefiles if you're using MinGW. Once you've made your selection, click "Finish."

CMake should be able to configure the project successfully. When it does click "Generate."

For MSVC you will now have a sln file which should build successfully. For MinGW open a command propmt and cd to the build directory and type mingw32-make.

Building with static runtime

By default ECWolf will be configured to use dynamically linked C runtimes. If this is undesirable set the following in CMake.

  • Visual Studio
Change /MD to /MT and /MDd to /MTd in the CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS_* and CMAKE_C_FLAGS_* variables.
  • MinGW-w64
-static-libgcc -static-libstdc++ -Wl,-Bstatic,--whole-archive -lpthread -Wl,-Bdynamic,--no-whole-archive
  • MinGW
-static-libgcc -static-libstdc++