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LATCHCFG is a basic status bar reconfiguration script. It allows elements of the status bar to be moved around or disabled.

Warning: This feature will be removed in some future version of ECWolf once a substitute for its functionality becomes available. This feature is designed to allow porting some classic mods to ECWolf without having to wait for a full solution.


The syntax of the script is a simple "key = value" pair. The value is always and integer, and the key is one of the following.

  • ammodigits
  • ammoenabled
  • ammox
  • ammoy
  • floordigits
  • floorenabled
  • floorx
  • floory
  • healthdigits
  • healthenabled
  • healthx
  • healthy
  • keysx
  • keysy
  • livesdigits
  • livesenabled
  • livesx
  • livesy
  • mugshotx
  • mugshoty
  • weaponx
  • weapony