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1.0 September 18
Initial release based of Wolf4SDL and ZDoom.
1.1 December 17
1.1.1 December 23
  • Improved vanilla accuracy.
  • Added user configuration variable to disable movement bobbing.


1.2 June 10
  • Improved vanilla accuracy.
  • ECWolf will attempt to reset Spear of Destiny installations which were set to play the mission packs.
  • Partial ability to load Rise of the Triad data and Mac Wolfenstein data.
  • Added support switches and touch plates in the fourth binary map plane. (In the format of Rise of the Triad's third map plane.)
  • Support for non-64x64 floor/ceiling textures, but still limited to power of twos for speed.
  • Depth fog darkness can be set per map so the menu setting was removed.
  • Added A_Explode, A_GunFlash, and A_Light (and variants).
  • Added scale, xscale, yscale, player.viewheight, player.forwardmove, and player.sidemove.
  • Added WeaponGiver.
  • 1600x1200 and 1920x1200 how are aspect corrected even in the menus since it can be corrected using whole numbers.
  • Map translators can now include the default translator.
1.2.1 June 12
  • Fixed crash when saving when no flash state was active.
1.2.2 August 2
  • Fixed inverted roll off for A_Explode.
  • Fixed A_MeleeAttack's accuracy argument wasn't read correctly. Also added hitsound and misssound arguments.
  • Fixed multiple doors could not be opened by a single trigger.
  • Fixed some more issues with the deathcam.
  • Fixed random() in DECORATE never obtained the maximum value.
  • DROPBASEDONTARGET flag will now account for replacements.
  • Corrected Knife damage range to be accurate with vanilla.
  • Status bar will display 999 when health or ammo go to or above 1000.
  • Added PC Speaker emulator.
  • Added GUI iwad picker for Windows and crash reporter.
1.2.3 December 24
  • Added support for PowerPC Macintoshes.
  • Added OLDRANDOMCHASE which makes A_Chase use the old random number generator table.
  • Fixed locale issues.
  • Fixed sound zone linking was done improperly.
  • Fixed BlueGatlingGun was missing a call to A_GunAttack and didn't play the proper pickup sound
  • Fixed difficulty based health properties weren't fully implemented.
  • Fixed RandomSpawner stopped working.
  • Fixed reversal of Spear of Destiny and Wolfenstein 3D exit messages.
  • Fixed crash when inheriting from actors with relative state jumps.
  • OPL instruments are cleared when changing songs.
  • Control improvements.
  • Using include in xlat will now allow you to replace entries in the thing table.


1.3 May 26
  • Mostly complete support for Super 3D Noah's Ark.
  • Automap including overlay. Adds property overheadicon and flag PLOTONAUTOMAP.
  • Improved file system access code to fix issues with non-latin character sets. This results in some stuff moving around a bit particularly when it comes to the save files:
Type Windows (NT based) Linux Mac OS X
Windows 9x continues to store everything in the program directory.
Configuration %AppData%\ecwolf $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/ecwolf
Saves NT-XP: %AppData%\ecwolf
Vista+: %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\ECWolf
Screen shots %AppData%\ecwolf $XDG_DATA_HOME/ecwolf/screenshots
Game data (additional) %AppData%\ecwolf $XDG_DATA_HOME/ecwolf ~/Library/Application Support/ECWolf
  • Signon screen can now be removed by not providing it in MAPINFO.
  • Skill levels can be customized in MAPINFO.
  • DemoLoop is now an intermission sequence in MAPINFO.
  • Added player.damagescreencolor
  • Added DefaultLighting, DefaultVisibility, and DefaultMaxLightVis to mapinfo to specify the light diminishing without using ROTT flags.
  • Added deathtransition, victorymusic, forcetally, and victorypic to mapinfo.
  • Added BackpackItem along with ammo.backpackamount, ammo.backpackmaxamount, and ammo.backpackboostamount properties.
  • Added MapRevealer.
  • Added alternate fire, reload, and zoom states for weapons. (Along with weapon.ammogive2, weapon.ammouse2, weapon.ammo2).
  • Added flags to A_WeaponReady
  • Added A_SetTics, A_ZoomFactor, A_ChangeVelocity, A_ScaleVelocity, A_WeaponGrin, and A_Succeed
  • Added random duration states.
  • Added Thust weapon.bobstyle to emulate Planet Strike's weapon bob.
  • Added support for Blake Stone style split doors and doors that slide the opposite direction.
  • Blake Stone 64-level colormap support.
  • player.movebob is unlinked from the weapon bob. (The configuration option still affects both.)
  • Integrated ZDoom's 2D drawing code, but only the SDL back end is available so ECWolf is still limited to the 8-bit palette.
  • Action pointers in the first frame of the Spawn state are now executed. (Similar to specifying NoDelay in ZDoom.)
  • The floornumber property in a map is now a string allowing for floors like "1-1".
  • Font characters can be referenced as normal textures with "FONTNAMNE:XX" where XX is the hex code.
  • USDF parser although usefulness is limited to new QuizItem. Adds ConversationID.
  • Experimental support for ROTT elevators.
  • Ability to load vanilla mods embedded in a zip file if they have a file named ecwolf with the extension of their data files.


1.3.1 January 9
  • Added support for sampled music formats and tracker music (Opus, Vorbis, FLAC, everything supported by Mikmod).
  • Auto map can now be panned with the mouse.
  • Improved file system path lookup to be more reliable.
  • Saves can now be deleted from the menu.
  • Android support is now merged.
  • Fixed quick save loading.
  • Fixed ouch face appearing when picking up health in Spear of Destiny.
  • Fixed issues with title screen palettes and end games.
  • Fixed S3DNA MAP19 exit transition.
  • Fixed regression with text lines in Spear of Destiny ending.
  • Improved elevator support.
  • Improved support for quirky AUDIOT files.
  • Various bugs with WDC map format loading are fixed.
  • --bits switch works again.
1.3.2 June 18
  • Support for SDL2 is working and is used on Windows for 64-bit builds.
  • Maximum resolution increased to 5K.
  • Fixed more issues with path finding with non-Latin user names on Windows.
  • Added joystick sensitivity and dead zone configuration among other joystick support improvements.
  • Fixed some instances of residual input being carried over between lives.
  • Music is now properly restored if main menu is entered in a dialog.
  • Improvements to OS X 10.4/10.5 support.
  • Enemy projectiles are now blocked by decorations like in vanilla.
  • Fixed inaccuracies with Super 3D Noah's Ark plus detection for Steam version.
    • Missing par time on 5-2 and incorrect part for 6-5.
    • Watermelon damage is corrected.
    • Antelope drop a large feed launcher if the player doesn't have one.
  • Added fastmonsters and mustconfirm for skill levels in MAPINFO.

Next version

The follow changes are slated for the next release of ECWolf.
  • Added support for the Macintosh version of Wolfenstein 3D.
  • Added config based mod autoloading.
  • Added game based content filtering for PK3s from ZDoom.
  • Fixed some long standing minor memory leaks.
These changes are slated for the next, non maintenance version of ECWolf.
None yet!