A CustomMissile

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A_CustomMissile (string missiletype[, float spawnheight[, int spawnoffset[, float angle[, int aimflags]]]])

Spawns the specified monster projectile aimed towards the target. Note that this function does not automatically call A_FaceTarget, so the monster may face a different direction than the projectile is fired.

  • missiletype: Actor to spawn.
  • spawnheight: The height from the ground to spawn the projectile. This is currently ignored by ECWolf and should always be 32.
  • spawnoffset: The horizontal offset that the projectile is fired from.
  • angle: The relative angle in which to fire.
  • aimflags: Changes the behavor of the function.
    • CMF_AIMOFFSET - The projectile is aimed as if it had an offset of 0. Useful for firing projectiles to multiple locations.