A CustomPunch

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A_CustomPunch (int damage[, bool norandom[, int flags[, string pufftype[, float range[, float lifesteal]]]]])

Performs a player melee attack.

  • damage: The amount of damage the attack will deal.
  • norandom: If true the damage will not be multiplied by a random factor. By default it is multiplied by some number 1-8.
  • flags: Changes the behavior of the function.
    • CPF_USEAMMO - Causes the function to draw from the weapon's ammo supply.
    • CPF_ALWAYSPLAYSOUND - The function will play the attack sound even if nothing is hit.
  • pufftype: Ignored for now. Will eventually default to BulletPuff.
  • range: Is the range of the attack in map pixels.
  • lifesteal: The factor of the amount of damage to give back to the calling actor. (Default is 0.)