A WolfAttack

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A_WolfAttack [(int flags[, string sound[, float snipe[, int maxdamage[, int blocksize[, int pointblank[, int longrange[, float runspeed]]]]]]])]

Executes a standard long range attack. The attack is performed directly on the actor (in other words there is no spread).

  • flags: Modifies the behavor of the function.
    • WAF_NORANDOM - Changes maxdamage to a constant damage.
  • sound: Sound to play during the attack. The default is "*" which indicates the attacksound should be used.
  • snipe: Multiplies the effective distance for calculations (smaller values are more accurate).
  • maxdamage: The maximum damage this call can do (limited to 256 by technical limitations).
  • blocksize: The number of half map pixels that are considered a block (defaults to 128). This is accounting for ZDoom's scale which is based off Doom 2's oversized Wolf3D maps.
  • pointblank: The number of blocks where the attack deals full damage. After which, the damage is divided by 2 (default is 2).
  • longrange: The number of blocks after which the damage is divided again (default is 4).
  • runspeed: Target speed after which accuracy is reduced. (Default is 160.)