Creating Maps With New Actors

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Sometimes you might want to add new enemies or objects instead of replacing old ones in maps, this tutorial explains how to do exactly that.


You'll need to add a DoomEdNum/Tag ID for your actor first. Look for one that isn't used.

(You can check the current game's DECORATE or XLAT files from ecwolf.pk3 to make sure that it isn't being used.)

For this example, we'll be using this actor:

actor NewSSGuy : WolfensteinSS 666 {}

You will also need a MAPINFO lump to define what file your map translator is. Write down a cluster, episode, gameinfo or map block depending on what levels you want to affect.

Again, for this example, we'll be using this:

gameinfo {translator = "XLAT"}

Replace XLAT with the name of your map translator file.

Next, we'll need the map translator itself.

Find an empty object number, you can, again, check ecwolf.pk3 for reference.

We'll be adding object 100 here and including the base game's xlat file, since we're just adding something.

include "$base"
	// oldnum, newnum, angles, patrol, minskill
	{100, 666, 4, HOLOWALL, 1}

Mapping it out

Here's the tricky part. Adding this stuff to your map.

I've taken an empty GAMEMAPS.WL6 and renamed it to "GAMEMAPS.ECW" so HWE will ask us to make a new configuration.


Click Yes.


You'll see this thing. Set the settings to these and click OK.

Make a basic map with a player start and all that jazz.


Go down to Map > Map Symbols and then to Plane 2. Add a new map symbol and put its ID to the ID you added earlier in the map translator file.


Click OK. Then give it a name and all that. A direction isn't needed unless it's patrolling. Give it an icon, too.

It'll give you a warning message, just click OK.

Now, place some in your map.


And you're done. Export your map and put it in your wad/pk3.