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Ubuntu 9.04, ATi graphics, and dual-head 2009-04-28 21:43:27

After upgrading to Kubuntu 9.04 and destroying my X configuration, I found it difficult to get my dual head setup back.

After some searching I found the solution on a wordpress site from "jen3ral" here. Within minutes I have my dual-head configuration working again.

To summarize what is there, you basically need to add:


To the [AMDPCSROOT/SYSTEM/DDX] section of your /etc/ati/amdpcsdb file. Then add the following to the device section(s) of your xorg config:

Option "EnableRandR12" "false"

After doing that I was able to "sudo amdcccle" and change the monitor setup to dual head. Now that everything is working for me, I can finally recommend people to upgrade!


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