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BitOwl Application Suit 2 2009-10-01 22:59:27

BitOwl Application Suit is now back into active development. This is made possible by the fact that my school wanted me to produce a website for their school newspaper. So I now have 50+ minutes per day where I'm forced to work on my software. What fun.

The news publishing aspect of it of course is the main focus as it was back in the BitOwl News days. Of course BitOwl Application Suit 2 will be much more suited towards larger news site with MySQL support instead of forcing the highly memory intensive flat file database.

I also finally got a public subversion software for my projects. I would like to thank MiX-MaN of for giving me the opportunity to help with his server in exchange for the subversion repositories. This not only makes my life easier, but means I'll be shutting down my computer (saving money) and it successfully ties Skulltag together with school.

I suspect I'll have something else to announce in late October with Skulltag getting ready for the release of 98a. I'm personally excited for this release since I'll be able to more or less dump 32-bit software entirely.


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