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Per Request 2010-07-10 13:38:13

Recently I've started work on the assembler portion of ACC++. Right now I'm thinking that ACC++ will compile scripts in 3 stages: preprocessing, compiling, assembling. As such a full assembly like language for ACS scripts will be available, although I don't expect many people will be using it. The manual has a pcode reference table that will be able to serve as a mnemonic reference as well. Once I have the assembler finished I'll be able to move onto defining the actual ACS++ language as well as start work on LIBACSPP. Now if I could just figure out how I want to set up information about ACC++ on

Although I haven't made much progress I haven't forgotten about ECWolf. Work on ACC++ has really gotten me to thinking I might be able to implement an ACS VM into Wolfenstein 3D. Of course most of the functions are not applicable.


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