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Skulltag is Dead 2012-06-04 08:02:58

The Skulltag project is basically dead. All of the staff have decided to fork the project in order to get away from Carnevil. At this point Carnevil remains the sole person in charge of Skulltag.

As I mentioned, we have started a fork which Torr has named Zandronum (not the best name, we know, but it'll grow on you). All future development will be handled there, and by forking we get a few extra perks. Since the feature set of ZDoom has expanded to the point where auto-loaded stock content isn't needed, we have chosen to remove the skulltag_data.pk3. In its place we will be including resource packs which can be called upon my mod authors (Zandronum will auto-load the requested packs only). These resource packs will provide most, if not all of the features that was previously provided by the data pk3. One bonus side-effect is that we can re-enable shareware compatibility.

I'll let more on that topic be revealed on the website when the time comes. In the mean time, a quick update on ECWolf. I've started playing with importing ZDoom's font code and everything seems to be going more or less all right. I'm trying to get things done as quickly as possible, but I'm not going to release before it's stable enough for general use (first impressions are important.) I do have someone doing some testing and working on a tech demo, and hopefully soon I can open it up to a few more private testers. (Of course you are all free to compile from source if you know how.)


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