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Eight Years 2012-08-26 21:35:19

So according to the Internet archive. Eight years ago today I first published my website. (As the weblog you see here anyways, I know I was making random web pages for awhile before then. In fact I know my first publicly visible web page was roughly 11 years ago, but the Internet archive never cached it.) Not at this domain of course since I didn't register that until a bit later. This is about the point where most people would talk about time flying and what not, but it actually seems that long to me. Mostly since I was too young for time to fly eight years ago!

I know you all want to see my website as it was at the time, but I'm not giving the old URL. I will tell you that it looked basically the same as it does now besides some minor modifications that I've made to the design over time. Most prominent being the white border that I removed some time ago. It didn't use CSS (I'm not even sure how common CSS use was back then) so a edge-to-edge layout wasn't really an option. Remember when we used tables for layout and font tags?

Well, enough rambling about that, on to the new stuff: Zandronum did its first release recently and with that came Doomseeker 0.9 Beta. Not sure what to say about that either. The Zandronum release took about 2 years so there's a ton of stuff in there. Doomseeker's release is mostly a bug fix release with some minor new features. Just check out the release thread for more specific information.

I'm sure a few of you are waiting for the big announcement with ECWolf. The good news is the code base is basically ready for release. I'm waiting for the tech demo to be finished and then I'll be sending out release candidates to the testers. Shortly thereafter will be the public release. That has pretty much been what I've been up to this whole summer which is why I missed out on updating last month. (I really need to get into the habit of rambling here more often.)


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