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ECWolf 1.1 Released 2012-12-18 04:43:59

While a little overdue (after all the ending to Spear of Destiny was embarrassingly broken), ECWolf 1.1 has been released! This is first and foremost a bug fix release, but there are some major features in there. For one, I've lifted the weapon and movebob code straight from ZDoom. While working on that I managed to also accidentally implement y-shearing, so mouse look is also implemented. It is locked behind a cheat code since there is no Z-axis at this time. (Use Tab+M to enable it while in debug mode.)

Executor/Woolie Wool has also updated the techdemo for the release (it is worth mentioning here that there are a few steps required to run any existing mods on 1.1). The new release utilizes a few of the new features including enabling the weapon bob.

See the release thread for a full changelog. Then head over to the ECWolf page and download it. Be sure to check the revised release notes as well.

Update December 23rd, 2012: ECWolf 1.1.1 has been released. This release fixes a few game breaking issues especially with Spear of Destiny. Thanks to BaronOfStuff for finding most of the bugs.


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