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Still working! 2014-02-21 14:04:57

Well this is taking much longer than I had hoped. I still need to finish off some big features before I can release ECWolf 1.3, but hopefully it won't be much longer.

On a side note, I'm also working with Wisdom Tree to try to get a digital version of Super 3D Noah's Ark available (this year is the game's 20th anniversary by the way). So far I pitched the idea to GOG and got rejected since apparently they can't make time in their release schedule for something this low volume, but it would probably help if anyone with even a remote interest in the game voted for one of the wish list entries. By help, I do mean ECWolf as well since Wisdom Tree has offered to contribute part of the profits back to the project. (Of course, honestly, I expect more sales will come from that fact than people dying to have a copy of the game no matter how underrated I say it is. :P)

But nevertheless, there are a few other places I could try. I just learned that Amazon has, what appears to be, a self published market place for Windows and Mac games so worst comes to worst I can probably get the game there if Wisdom Tree is willing. If I can make something work, I'll definitely be switching ECWolf's default license option over to the GPL since I would like to market it here as a way to support this project. (Besides, I noticed a number of people compiling ECWolf themselves use the GPL option.) This is something that may delay the 1.3 release a little since I would definitely like to announce the results in the release announcement.

I still can't say much about what this means for the Blake Stone branch, but I would say it's highly likely it will be delayed a little bit as well. The overall plans haven't changed so expect to hear more following 1.3.


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