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S3DNA is done! 2014-04-01 02:01:05

Just a few days ago I sent off the initial builds of a customized version of ECWolf off to Wisdom Tree. For those curious, the customizations come down to changing the branding, removing features not needed by S3DNA for optimization purposes, and some minor initial user experience tweaks. If all goes well, these builds will be sold with new copies of the game along with the original DOS binary for the collectors/purists.

This is great news for everyone, including those who don't really care for Super 3D Noah's Ark. This basically means that ECWolf 1.3 is about done and all that remains in tying up a few loose ends. It should be released soon, but as we all know soon can drag on for awhile. In any case check back here next month and hopefully I'll have something way more exciting to say.

Edit: Well look at that. The server is already in April. I guess by next month I mean later this month then.


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