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ECWolf 1.3 Finally Released + More 2014-05-26 07:07:56

ECWolf 1.3 is finally released! Once you go through the highlights you'll find that this is a fairly major release for the project for more than one reason. Surprisingly, I was able to keep more or less full backwards compatibility with mods this time around. There are a few corner cases where things still break, but for the most part this is mod and save compatible with the 1.2 series. I do know that this won't be the case for all future releases, but it's cool to see this happening already.

First I would like to announce that Wisdom Tree has endorsed a new release of Super 3D Noah's Ark. The new version using a rebranded version of ECWolf, and I highly encourage anyone with slight interest in the game to purchase a copy (if you don't have one already that is). It is a very under rated game. Most of the purchase price goes to ECWolf and the licensing fee Wisdom Tree offered is a fixed amount (so if you choose to pay more than the suggested price it will all go to ECWolf). If that isn't enough to encourage you, to celebrate the release, the minimum price for the game will be $3.49 for one week two weeks! For the purists, the release does come with the original DOS binary.

Because of the above, ECWolf now defaults to the GPL license option. Highlights for this release:

The Android version will be updated very soon.

Now to give an update on the future of ECWolf. Some of you may already know that I've been accepted into Google Summer of Code. My free time this summer will be limited because of that so I do need to change some of my projections, but since it just started I can't announce those changes just yet. One thing for sure is that a 6-month release schedule is too much to keep up with, so expect 1.4 to come out about a year from now.

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