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ECWolf 1.3.1 + Doomseeker 0.12.2b 2015-01-10 00:36:59

Well I've been promising this release "next week" for a long time now, but ECWolf 1.3.1 is finally here. This should fix a few issues that some users were experience with ECWolf having trouble with creating or saving settings, among other bug fixes and improvements. More importantly it includes a custom SDL_mixer (statically linked so you can delete all the DLLs in your ECWolf install except for SDL.dll), which allows ECWolf to finally have sampled music playback including loop points. It even has support for the Opus codec, which in turn means the resampler works!

The wiki has an itemized changelog.

Also, Doomseeker 0.12.2b has begun rolling out. The direct download packages are not up yet, but it's available through the auto updater. It includes fixes for Chocolate Doom support, which apparently regressed to the point where it was impossible to join a server.

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