A FireCustomMissile

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A_FireCustomMissile (string missiletype[, float angle[, bool useammo[, int spawnoffset[, int spawnheight[, bool aim[, float pitch]]]]]])

Fire a player projectile, damaging enemies. Will not harm the player. This function can only be called from a weapon state.

  • missiletype: Actor to use as projectile.
  • angle: Relative angle to fire the projectile in.
  • useammo: Sets whether the attack uses ammo or not.
  • spawnoffset: Horizontal offset of the attack.
  • spawnheight: Vertical offset of the attack. Ignored for now, but should be set to the player class's -(height/2 + 8) in order to keep it spawning at the floor level in future versions of ECWolf.
  • aim: Currently unimplemented. Keep default value of false.
  • pitch: Pitch offset. Ignored for now, keep default value of 0.