A SpawnItemEx

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A_SpawnItemEx (string type[, float xoffset[, float yoffset[, float zoffset[, float xvel[, float yvel[, float zvel[, float angle[, int flags[, int failchance]]]]]]]]])

Spawns an actor of type at the location of the calling actor. Optionally x, y, and z* offsets can be used to offset the item relative direction the actor is facing. x, y, and z* velocities can be assigned to the spawned actor as well. An angle can be specified and is relative to the calling actor. failchance is some value 0-256 that indicates the probability that the item will not spawn.

flags can be set to modify the behavior of the function.

  • SXF_TRANSFERPOINTERS - Transfers the target from the calling actor to the spawned actor.