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While ECWolf can load data from the original game with the help of map files, doing so is not recommended for mods. ECWolf can load various other, more advanced, formats.

Format Comparison

Below is a list of formats supported by ECWolf in recommendation order.

Format Compression Paths Notes
Zip (PK3) Yes Yes Fast decompression, recommended format
WAD No No Basic uncompressed format
7z Yes Yes Slow decompression
PAK No Yes No standard tools
GRP No No No access to name spaces
RFF No No No access to name spaces

Overall the zip format is preferred as it allows your data to be easily organized into logical directories and its compression is fast enough for general purpose use.

Name Spaces

ECWolf uses various name spaces to logically organize data. In WADs in some cases use empty marker lumps (XY_START and XY_END) to signify a change in name space, but may be automatically detected. Below is a table describing the various name spaces used by ECWolf.

Directory WAD Marker Description
graphics/ None Graphics such as title picture or sign on screens are placed in this directory.
hires/ HI High resolution textures. The scale factor for the high resolution texture will be determined by the size of the similarly named low resolution texture.
flats/ F Floor and ceiling textures. Lumps here should be of type "Graphic (Flat)" or PNG. "Graphic (Doom)" lumps will not work.
maps/ None Maps stored within wad files. Maps must contain the data for a single level and the name of the file will be used as the map label.
music/ None Background music.
patches/ None Small textures which are to be referenced by the TEXTURES lump.
sounds/ None Sounds to be referenced by SNDINFO.
sprites/ S Sprites for actors. Sprites may be organized into sub-directories.
textures/ TX Textures to be used as-is.


  • In formats which support paths the '^' character is sprites is changed to a '\'. This is a carry over from ZDoom where this was needed in order to be compatible with the arch-vile sprites.
  • Although in general the order of lumps should not be relied upon. For formats which support full paths, the lumps are loaded alphabetically.
  • It is strongly recommended that you do not use the zip/7z extension when using the respective formats since the average user is used to decompressing those files. Use PK3/PK7 instead.

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