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ECWolf requires base game data from the original games in order to play. For convienance this data is referred to as the IWAD since it is the equivalent to those files in Doom.

Supported data/IWADs

Below are the data sets supported by ECWolf. Each table contains the specific list of files needed as well as their md5 checksums. On OS X and Linux the md5sum tool can be used to generate a hash for your files. For Windows HashCheck or one of the many other tools can be used.

Super 3D Noah's Ark *.n3d
9c7e08401faf9c7d64e7ee7bceb6c9b8 audiohed.n3d
8b40a14de58cf8578bb3a783dcb4f7bb audiot.n3d
d35ce2257a4fb56f61529df5f7f77adb gamemaps.n3d
2eaab4dd50856abeaebe75a8bcbbab42 maphead.n3d
fb3d87a2e265d87e720ac011b7301b23 vgadict.n3d
58d67ea6f4a9d5c7a788b7406e50dda3 vgagraph.n3d
fe26baf052f03e92019e221bc106dfec vgahead.n3d
8c61a9b3bb38a598990ccb743d2679fa vswap.n3d
Spear of Destiny *.sod
6e914d15335125872737718470061ad8 audiohed.sod
10020fce0f04d21bd07b1b5b951c360a audiot.sod
04f16534235b4b57fc379d5709f88f4a gamemaps.sod
276c79a4a6419db6b23e7699e41cb9fa maphead.sod
30b11372b9ec6bc06289eb3e9b2ef0b9 vgadict.sod
3b85f170098fb48d91d8bedd0cac4e0d vgagraph.sod
fb75007a1167bba05c4acadf90bc30d8 vgahead.sod
b1dac0a8786c7cdbb09331a4eba00652 vswap.sod
Spear of Destiny Demo *.sdm
f0022742f86c214872bd72f03aaf1529 audiohed.sdm
fcde1333c941229f4dd6ca099fcfe616 audiot.sdm
4eb2f538aab6e4061dadbc3b73837762 gamemaps.sdm
40fa03caf7a1a4dbd22da4321c6e10d4 maphead.sdm
2f85b6763a582df19e6a35dd9634c736 vgadict.sdm
1cc5ceb8e43c0c0030cf552fc8ae9d0d vgagraph.sdm
18c03cb401ed274bc0b659e951140e64 vgahead.sdm
35afda760bea840b547d686a930322dc vswap.sdm
Wolfenstein 3D *.wl6
a41af25a2f193e7d4afbcc4301b3d1ce audiohed.wl6
2385b488b18f8721633e5b2bdf054853 audiot.wl6
a4e73706e100dc0cadfb02d23de46481 gamemaps.wl6
b8d2a78bc7c50da7ec9ab1d94f7975e1 maphead.wl6
dec8939cff5a4ec27ae7b43e8f52ec28 vgadict.wl6
8b40b5b785f898e229bf1c2f2e3ee003 vgagraph.wl6
8e75e3ffb842ed3d08abe6ffea97b231 vgahead.wl6
b8ff4997461bafa5ef2a94c11f9de001 vswap.wl6
Wolfenstein 3D Shareware *.wl1
58aa1b9892d5adfa725fab343d9446f8 audiohed.wl1
4b6109e957b584e4ad7f376961f3887e audiot.wl1
30fecd7cce6bc70402651ec922d2da3d gamemaps.wl1
7b6dd4e55c33c33a41d1600be5df3228 maphead.wl1
76a6128f3c0dd9b77939ce8313992746 vgadict.wl1
74decb641b1a4faed173e10ab744bff0 vgagraph.wl1
61bf1616e78367853c91f2c04e2c1cb7 vgahead.wl1
6efa079414b817c97db779cecfb081c9 vswap.wl1
Mission 2: Return to Danger *.sd2
fa5752c5b1e25ee5c4a9ec0e9d4013a9 gamemaps.sd2
d55508cd58e2e61076ac81b98aeb9269 maphead.sd2
25d92ac0ba012a1e9335c747eb4ab177 vswap.sd2
Mission 3: Ultimate Challenge *.sd3
4219d83568d770b1c6ac9c2d4d1dfb9e gamemaps.sd3
52fd50245a77e61dc1df91110c186195 maphead.sd3
e3e87518f51414872c454b7d72a45af6 vswap.sd3
Alternate (UAC version)
29860b87c31348e163e10f8aa6f19295 gamemaps.sd3
a8b24dd3d3271e0b7fc6f2f995915f27 maphead.sd3
94aeef7980ef640c448087f92be16d83 vswap.sd3

Wolfenstein 3D can be patched using the utility on this site.

Obtaining game data/IWADs

Get Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny in a single pack from GOG (includes the Spear mission packs). Doesn't require a client to install so easily the best way to acquire the games.
Probably the easiest way. On Windows ECWolf will even find the data for you automatically. Just be sure not to run the Spear mission packs through Steam since that will change your Spear of Destiny files. If you do so, then make sure you play the original game at least once through Steam to revert that change (or redownload).
Wolfenstein 3D only.
Super 3D Noah's Ark only.
  • The usual second hand markets.