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The gameinfo section of MAPINFO defines global properties for the game.

Block syntax

gameinfo { properties }

Block properties

  • advisorycolor = "<color>"
Defines the color to use for the background of the advisory (aka PG13) screen.
  • advisorypic = "<picture>"
Defines the texture to use for the advisory screen.
  • border = inset, "<topcolor>", "<bottomcolor>", "<highlightcolor>"
  • border = <offset>, <unused>, "<tl>", "<t>", "<tr>", "<l>", "<r>", "<bl>", "<b>", "<br>"
Sets the border for the play screen. The inset variant uses a thin solid color border. The second variant allows tiled graphics to be used for the border. The unused parameter used to be the size and is kept for ZDoom compatibility.
  • borderflat = "<texture>"
Graphic to use for the background of the border area.
  • creditpage = "<texture>"
Graphic to use for the credits screen in the demo loop.
  • doorsoundsequence = "<sequence>"
Sets the default sound sequence to use for doors. Of little use at the moment.
  • drawreadthis = <bool>
Sets if the "read this" option should appear in the menu.
  • finalemusic = "<lump>"
Music to play during ending intermissions.
  • gamepalette = "<lump>"
Sets the lump to use for the game palette.
  • gibfactor = <float>
Sets the factor of the spawn health that much be reached for an extreme death to be triggered.
  • highscoresfont = ""
Font to use for high scores table.
  • highscoresfontcolor = "<textcolor>"
Color to use for high scores table font.
  • intermissionmusic = "<lump>"
Music to play during normal intermissions.
  • menucolor = "<border1>", "<border2>", <border3>", "<background>", "<stripe>", "<stripebg>"
Sets the various colors for use in the menu.
  • menufade = "<color>"
Color to use for the menu fade.
  • menufontcolor_disabled = "<textcolor>"
Color to use for unselectable menu elements.
  • menufontcolor_highlight = "<textcolor>"
Color to use for highlighted menu elements.
  • menufontcolor_highlightselection = "<textcolor>"
Color to use for selected highlighted menu elements.
  • menufontcolor_invalid = "<textcolor>"
Color to use for invalid menu elements (unavailable episodes for example).
  • menufontcolor_invalidselection = "<textcolor>"
Color to use for selected invalid menu elements.
  • menufontcolor_label = "<textcolor>"
Color to use for normal, unselected menu elements.
  • menufontcolor_selection = "<textcolor>"
Color to use for selected menu elements.
  • menufontcolor_title = "<textcolor>"
Color to use for the fonts in menu titles.
  • menumusic = "<lump>"
Music to play while the menu is active.
  • pageindexfontcolor = "<textcolor>"
Color to use for art screen page index.
  • pagetime = <value>
Sets the amount of time a page is held on screen during the demo loop.
  • playerclasses = "<class>", ...
Sets the selectable player classes.
  • pushwallsoundsequence = "<sequence>"
Sets the default pushwall sound sequence to use. Of little use at the moment.
  • quitmessages = "<string>", ...
Sets the messages to display when confirming the quit game action. If preceded by a $ character, it will use strings from LANGUAGE.
  • scoresmusic = "<lump>"
Music to play while displaying the high scores table.
  • signon = "<texture>"
The graphic to use for the background of the sign on screen.
  • titlemusic = "<lump>"
Sets the music to use during the demo loop sequence.
  • titletime = <value>
Sets the amount of time, in seconds, the title screen is displayed during the demo loop.
  • translator = "<lump>"
The default map translator to use for binary format maps.