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SNDINFO is a lump used to assign certain properties to sounds. ECWolf references sounds by their logical name and not their lump name so this lump is primarily used to assign logical names.

Logical Names

To assign a logical name to a sound lump all you need to do is specify the logical name followed by the lump name of the sound. Wolfenstein has three types of sounds. Digital, AdLib, and PC Speaker sounds. If the sound you wish to use is only of the digital type then just specifying the two names will work. Otherwise you must enclose the lumps in braces and in the before mentioned order. "NULL" can be used where a sound of that type does not exist. If the PC speaker sound does not exist it may be left out.

misc/mynewsound    MYSND // This is a digital-only sound
misc/myadlibsound  { NULL MYALSND } // This sound only has an AdLib form.
msic/mypcspkrsound { NULL NULL MYPCSND } // This sound only has a PC Speaker form.


SNDINFO also supports a few commands to create sounds with certain properties.

  • $alias logicalname othersound - Creates a logical sound that is indentical to the othersound.
  • $random logicalname { othersound ... } - Creates a logical sound that randomly plays one sound from the list.