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Status reflects my involvment in the project and not necessarily the status of the project itself.

Project Name Start/Join Date Status
ACC++June 2nd, 2010Active
BOASJanuary 11th, 2006Supported
Car ComputerMarch 26th, 2012Active
CatacombSDLJune 15th, 2014Supported
DoomseekerMarch 30th, 2009Active
ECWolfDecember 6th, 2008Active
GNU Compiler CollectionApril 14th, 2014Done
Hacx 1.2/2.0UnknownActive
Jurassic RiftUnknown?
Simple Doom EditorOctober 11th, 2008Cancelled
SkulltagMay 28th, 2008Forked
Strife Dialog EditorSeptember 28th, 2007EOL
USDCFebuary 28th, 2010Supported
ZandronumJune 3rd, 2012Packaging
ZDoomDecember 20th, 2007Dead
ZDoom64August 29th, 2010Dead
ZDoom (3D Floors)July 16th, 2010Cancelled
Small Utilities

Here you can find a list of various minor projects I have done. These projects include Doom mods and small utilities. If you have a problem with the utilities you can contact me by email for support.

Alternative LMPZSS Code Source

Code to compress and expand lumps compressed for PSX, Saturn, Jaguar, and probably other console versions of Doom. In my tests this code works faster than the Jaguar code when unoptimized and only a little slower when optimizations are turned on.

Unofficial Master Levels for Doom 2 Patch Win32 Binary + Source

Own a copy of the Master Levels for Doom 2 and wished they were an extra episode instead of 20 wads? Here's a program which will take those 20 wads and combine them into a wad which makes ZDoom show "Master Levels" as the 2nd episode to Doom 2. Choose the ordering of the levels based on any console release or one thoughtful ordering, see the readme for more details. All output wads are network compatible on Zandronum. (Not anymore.)

Although only a Windows binary is included, you can compile the utility on Linux provided you have CMake, G++, and the Qt SDK.

Updated December 9th, 2012: Includes Doom Classic Complete ordering and now Xaser approved!


Unpak is a small program I wrote to extract the data from Heretic II's pak files. To my knowledge it should also work with Quake, Quake II, and Hexen II. The program is distributed in source form and requires CMake and G++ to compile (only tested on Linux).

ZDoom 2.6.9999 r3928 for SolarisBinary

Build of ZDoom for Solaris/OpenSolaris/OpenIndiana. Provided here in compiled form to provide fmodex.


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