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Server change complete! 2010-02-12 07:42:19

Recently I've moved to a new server hosted by DRD Team. The move was done for a variety of reasons, and I thank Eruanna for allowing me to host my sites.

So what does this mean for Firstly I've decided to move my weblog out to the main domain. My brother hasn't really used the site in the way he originally planned. (What is it now 5 or 6 years ago?) And so I feel it might be time to retire the sub-domain and actually put worthy content here. Once I open the ECWolf portion of the site, things will be far more uniform here.

At this time there are no plans to change, but I will say I've been making quite some progress on BitOwl Application Suit 2.0 now that I have to work on it for language arts credit. Right now the news publishing portion of the script is fairly functional and I wouldn't be surprised if I decide to release it this summer.

Blzut3 has officially lost it 2010-01-23 20:36:50

I mean, I bought a Mac Mini.

After spending a day and a half with it I have to say I'm not much more impressed with Mac OS X over Mac OS 8. The main thing that bothers me is the lack of options for the mouse. On the Mac moving the mouse slowly makes the cursor move less than quickly moving the same physical distance. There does not appear to be a way to turn this off.

I'm also not enjoying the fact that you have to close the applications even after closing the final window. Mac OS 8 was the same way and it was a bit more annoying there since it would always cause be to run out of memory.

On a more positive note I do have Doomseeker, ECWolf, and ZDoom all running on the Mac, and I suspect Skulltag will be coming to the Mac soon enough.

Site design changed! 2009-12-18 22:46:52

Or rather I changed the code backing the site. I removed the white border since it allowed me to increase the width of the page which I feel is needed if I want to expand the contents of the site. The tab at the top may seem unneeded now, but I plan to add a wiki for ECWolf and thus will result in more tabs.

I've made a few other minor design changes such as removing the redundant links at the bottom of the page. Some of the content from the site has been removed, but I'm working to restore most of it.

Skulltag 0.98a Released 2009-10-26 19:15:06

Skulltag 0.98a has been released along side Doomseeker 0.4.1b.

The only thing I want to say is Skulltag now has full 64-bit Linux support. So go to the announcement to learn more.

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