Action specials

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Action specials are function which are activated either by UWMF#Triggers or DECORATE actions.

List of Action specials

  • 1:Door_Open(tag, speed, delay, lock, type)
Activates the tile as a sliding door. Typical speed is 16. Lock specifies what keys are needed according to LOCKDEFS. Delay is the number of tics the door is held open or -1 for a door that should remain open until manually closed, typically this is 300. Type is either 0 for horizontal doors or 1 for vertical doors. (Further values are reserved for other types of door animation in the future.)
  • 2:Pushwall_Move(tag, speed, direction, distance)
Moves the pushwall in the trigger's tile. A typical speed is 8. Direction specifies the relative direction to move the pushwall (0 = right, 2 = back, 4 = left, 6 = towards). Distance is in tiles or 0 if it should move until blocked. If 8 is added to the direction then the direction is absolute (8 = east, 10 = north, 12 = west, 14 = south). Odd directions are reserved for when diagonal pushwalls are supported.
  • 3:Exit_Normal(pos)
Exits the level using the standard exit. Pos is reserved and should be 0.
  • 4:Exit_Secret(pos)
Exits the level using the secret exit. Pos is reserved and should be 0.
  • 5:Teleport_NewMap(map, pos, flags)
Exits and travels to the specified map by levelnum. Pos is reserved and should be 0. Flags are 1 = Keep direction, 2 = Keep position.
  • 6:Exit_VictorySpin()
Standard exit but does a BJ jump sequence. Normally activated by a pickup. This sequence is partially handled by the BJRun actor which is spawned.
  • 7:Exit_Victory(pos)
Exits the level using the victory exit. Pos is reserved and should be 0.
  • 8:Trigger_Execute(x, y, z)
Executes all triggers on a given map spot. Useful for activating something on monster death or having multiple switches do the same thing.