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DECORATE is a text actor defintion language based upon the language from ZDoom. DECORATE allows you to define many things such as monsters, decorations, key, and weapons.


The general format of a DECORATE script looks like this:

actor  name  [ :  parent ] [ replaces  otheractor ] [ ednum ]

A state has the following syntax:

    GARD ABCD 10 [ flags ] [ Action  [ Thinker ]]
    [goto Label|loop|wait|stop]

Those familiar with ZDoom will notice the addition of a Thinker. This is the same as the normal Action function, but will be executed every tic. Note that Wolf3D runs at 70Hz instead of 35Hz so this function will essentially execute every half tic. ECWolf uses durations in 1/35th of a second so durations of X.5 are possible. ECWolf also supports randomized durations in the form random(min,max).

At this time the only state flag supported is BRIGHT.

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