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Properties set various values regarding the behavior of a DECORATE actor. If a propert has the same name as a ZDoom property the behavior should be assumed to be similar.

Actor Properties


  • Damage value
Specifies the amount of damage the actor will do on impact. If the damage is given in parenthesis the value will be absolute. Otherwise, it will use the value*random(1,8).
  • GibHealth value
The negative health threashold before the actor enters its extreme death state.
  • Health value[, skill2 ...]
Sets the number of hit points the actor has. If multiple health values are given the health will apply to the next successive skill level. Unspecified skills will use the next highest value. (In other words, if only skills 1 and 2 are given skill 3 will use the value for skill2.)
  • PainChance value
The chance (out of 256, where 256 = Always) the actor will enter the pain state when damaged.
  • SightTime value[, random]
The number of function calls (usually A_Look) it takes for the actor to react to seeing the player. The random portion is the maximum number of tics to add to the base value.
  • Speed value[, runspeed]
The amount the actor moves in one Doom tic or one call to A_Chase. The speed will be changed to runspeed when the actor sees the player.


  • Height value
The height of the actor. This is ignored at the time, but should be set to 64 for all solid actors for forwards compatibility.
  • Radius value'
The radius of the actor.


  • MinMissileChance value (New from 1.3)
Gives the minimum chance (0-256) the monster has of not attacking when attempting to attack. Lower values are more aggressive.
  • MissileFrequency value (New from 1.3)
Gives a floating point multiplier for the missile chance curve. Higher values will make the monster attack more frequently over longer distances.


  • ActiveSound soundname
Defines the sound to randomly play while the actor is active.
  • AttackSound soundname
Defines the sound to play when the actor attacks.
  • DeathSound soundname
Defines the sound to play when A_Scream is called.
  • PainSound soundname
Defines the sound to play when A_Pain is called.
  • SecretDeathSound soundname
Defines the alternative deathsound to play when the level requests it.
  • SeeSound soundname
Defines the sound to play when the actor sees the player.


Defines scaling factors for the actor's sprite. Scale sets both xscale and yscale.


  • DropItem classname[, probability[, amount]]
When an actor dies it will drop items based off this property. A probability can be specified (0-255) which indicates the liklihood of the item spawning. Amount is used for ammunition and indicates how much ammo the pickup should give.
  • Points score
Number of points to give to the target when the actor is killed or picked up.

Additional Properties

The following properties are restricted to a certain set of actors.


  • inventory.amount amount
Amount to give when picking up the inventory item.
  • inventory.icon icon
Icon to show in the players inventory. (Partially implemented)
  • inventory.interhubamount amount
Amount to keep in the players inventory between hubs.
  • inventory.maxamount amount
Maximum amount of this item the actor can carry at once.
  • inventory.pickupsound soundname
Sound to play when picking up the item.


  • player.displayname name
Name to show on the class selection screen. Must be unique.
  • player.maxhealth amount
Maximum health the class has.
  • player.movebob factor (New from 1.3)
Multiplies the strength of the movement bob by the given factor.
  • player.startitem classname[, amount]
Specifies an inventory item to give to the player initially. For ammo an amount can also be specified.
  • player.weaponslot slotnum, classname[, ...]
Sets the default weapon slot assignment for the class.


  • weapon.ammogive1 amount
Amount of ammo to give when picking up the weapon.
  • weapon.ammotype1 classname
The ammo type to use for this weapon.
  • weapon.ammouse1 amount
The amount of ammo to use when firing this weapon.
  • weapon.bobrangex amount (New from 1.3)
Range multiplier for horizontal bobbing. Default is 1.0.
  • weapon.bobrangey amount (New from 1.3)
Range multiplier for vertical bobbing. Default is 1.0.
  • weapon.bobspeed amount (New from 1.3)
Bobbing speed multiplier. Affects how quickly the bobbing motion occurs. Default is 1.0.
  • weapon.bobstyle style (New from 1.3)
The type of bobbing to use. Possible values include Normal, Inverse, Alpha, InverseAlpha, Smooth, and InverseSmooth.
  • Normal is the default value and corresponds to the bobbing motion used in all old Doom-engine games.
  • Alpha is the bobbing motion used in the alpha versions of Doom. The weapon sprites are raised when bobbing, not lowered, so they might get cut off if they do not extend enough past the screen.
  • Smooth is a smoother version of the normal style.
  • Inverse* types mirror the motion vertically compared to the non-inverse version. InverseAlpha lowers the weapon sprite while bobbing; the others raise it.
  • weapon.selectionorder value
The priority of this weapon when performing auto selections when running out of ammo. Lower numbers are higher priority.
  • weapon.slotnumber slotnum
Assigns this weapon to a slot for all classes.
  • weapon.slotpriority value
Decimal value which specifies where to place the weapon in the slot. 0 for the beginning, 1 for the end.
  • weapon.yadjust amount
Amount of shift the weapon sprite when the hud is off. Positive values shift the sprite down.