MAPINFO/Episode definition

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An episode is a selectable starting point for the game. If more than one episode is defined, they will appear in the menu in the order they appear. There should be at least one episode defined.

Block syntax

  • clearepisodes
Removes all previously defined episodes.
  • episode <map> { properties }
Creates an episode that starts on the specified map.

Block properties

  • key = "<letter>"
Assigns the letter as a hot key for the episode in the menu.
  • lookup = "<string>"
Pulls the name of the episode by a keyword in LANGUAGE.
  • name = "<name>"
Sets the name of the episode as it appears on the menu directly.
  • noskillmenu
Causes the game to start without going through the skill selection. The skill level will be the default.
  • optional
The episode will not appear unless the level it starts on is loaded.
  • picname = "<picture>"
Lump of graphic to display on menu. This will appear before the episode name.
  • remove
Removes this episode from the menu. Of little use.