MAPINFO/Intermission definition

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An intermission definition defines an ending sequence. It will appear after the standard intermission stats screen.

Block syntax

intermission name { properties }

Defines an intermission with the given name.

Block properties

  • Fader { properties }
Defines a fading (in/out) image.
  • GotoTitle {}
Returns to the demo loop.
  • Image { properties }
Displays an image with no special properties.
  • TextScreen { properties }
Displays a message.
  • VictoryStats { properties }
Shows the victory stats screen.

Sub-block properties

These properties apply to any sub-block.

  • background = "<texture>"[, <tile>[, "<palette>"]]
Draws the given texture as a full screen background.
If tile is set to 1 then the graphic will be tiled instead of stretched to full screen. An alternative palette can be set as well.
  • draw = "<texture>", <x>, <y>
Draws the given texture at the given coordinates.
  • music = "<lump>"
Changes the music to the given track.
  • time = <value>
Gives how long the page should be displayed for. Positive values are in Doom tics, negative values are in seconds.

Fader properties

  • fadetype = <type>
Sets the type of fade. Valid values are FadeIn or FadeOut.

TextScreen properties

  • text = "<string>", ...
Gives the text to display for this screen. Each line is a separate string.
  • textalignment = <alignment>
Gives the alignment for the text. Valid values are left, right, or center.
  • textcolor = "<textcolor>"
Gives the color for the font.
  • textspeed = <value>
Set this to 0. Will eventually indicate how fast characters are drawn on the screen.
  • position = <x>, <y>
Location on the screen where text drawing starts.