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Adobe CS3 2008-11-15 05:22:09

This year I've been having the joys of working with Adobe's overpriced CS3. I still stand by my opinions.

Lets start with my most recent nightmare. I made a SVG logo for a product in which I wanted to import into a flash movie. So flash can't import a SVG, no big deal since I can import it into illustrator first. So far so good. I export it to adobe's illustrator format and import it into flash. But wait, some features I've used are not compatible with flash?!? Lets just leave it as Linux and Windows get along a lot better than the multiple programs of Adobe CS3.

Flash has some real nice oddities too. Not to long ago I had the code "for(var j:Number=0;j < max;j++) trace(j);". Logically the first number it prints should be 0, but instead I was getting 1? Combined with the fact that Flash isn't 64-bit compatible really makes a poor product. Even Java has better cross platform support (at least the development tools are available on 64-bit Linux).

I really can't believe my school bought licenses for Adobe CS3. It would be hesitant to pay even $5 for that software. I'll stick with my free (open source) software where the do one thing and do it well principle produces some working software.


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