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Doomseeker 0.5 Beta Released 2010-03-17 01:35:59

Today I finished releasing Doomseeker 0.5 Beta. The rather short announcement can be read at

I've also recently whipped up a quick program to compile Strife dialogs (no gui) called "Universal Strife Dialog Compiler". This uses the standard USDF dialogs and converts them to the old format as well as possible. Version 1.1 can be found here.

In addition development of BitOwl Application Suit 2.0 has been coming along quite well. I've just finished the Gallery script for School so I believe it's almost at feature parity to Application Suit 1.0. Pretty much all I really need to do is get the installer working which I might do over spring break, though honestly I'm more leaning towards more work on ECWolf. We'll see.

That's about all that has happened since my last news post. Things have been a little chaotic with the server move and homework overload, but everything has slowed down for now. Hopefully it will last.


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