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BitOwl Application Suite 2 Released 2011-05-30 07:09:36

With over three years in development BitOwl Application Suite 2.0 has been released! While it lacks the poll script from BOAS 1.x this release brings about a much more consistent and stable code base (and probably with it much more security). Because of this I am immediately ending support for the 1.x series. As usual the release can be found on the project page.

While my source repository only goes back to three years ago I'm sure it has been longer than that due to the size of the initial commit. That said the project represent mainly the needs of my high school's newspaper where most of the progress in the last two years has happened. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if most of the code from the initial commit has changed during this period due to various rewrites. Overall the improved code quality means I finally have a product that I should be able to support for many years where the previous versions pretty much broke if you weren't using my exact server settings and PHP version.

Also, I moved the BOAS source repository over to Mercurial so that can be found on Bitbucket now.


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