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ECWolf 1.3.3 Released 2016-10-01 18:47:47

After a lot of unnecessary hesitation and delay, I'm announcing the availability of ECWolf 1.3.3. Please note that this is just a patch release, but it includes a lot of critical fixes that I really should have made available months ago. I only have myself to blame for the delay though as it has gotten to the point where I don't really even recall why I've been delaying. (I guess I'll find out soon enough though!) I do expect that this will be the last patch release for the 1.3 series unless something critical requires an immediate fix.

As the font system upgrade would suggest, I was planning on improving translation support for this release, but time constraints are putting a damper on that for this round. So "Hyeron" if you're reading this update, I haven't forgotten about your translation submission and am still planning on integrating that.

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