MAPINFO/Map definition

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A map definition sets properties for a specific map.

Block syntax

  • defaultmap { properties }
Sets the defaults that will be automatically used for all subsequent map definitions. It resets the default information so anything specified in previous defaultmap sections is lost.
  • adddefaultmap { properties }
Similar to defaultmap but keeps the existing defaultmap information and just adds to it.
Note: these properties are copied to future definitions, so changing the default map won't retroactively apply.
  • map "<maplump>" { properties }
  • map "<maplump>" "<mapname>" { properties }
  • map "<maplump>" lookup "<string>" { properties }
Defines a map block. It is recommended that the map be named through MAPINFO, but is not required. The lookup keyword will cause the string to be looked up in LANGUAGE.

Block properties

  • bordertexture = "<texture>"
Overrides the gameinfo border texture for this map.
Default: The border flat assigned in Gameinfo.
  • cluster = <positive integer>
Assigns the map to a cluster.
Default: 0
  • completionstring = "<string>"
Short message to display on the intermission screen instead of "Floor Completed".
Default: "Floor Completed"
  • deathcam = <bool>
Enables the death cam with A_BossDeath.
Default: false (Note: The Wolf3D MAPINFO sets this to true in the defaultmap.)
  • defaultceiling = "<texture>"
Default ceiling texture to use when a map has a blank third plane.
Default: Undefined. Something in the hierarchy should define this, otherwise the unknown texture will be displayed.
  • defaultfloor = "<texture>"
Default floor texture to use when a map has a blank third plane.
Default: Undefined. Something in the hierarchy should define this, otherwise the unknown texture will be displayed.
  • ensureinventory = "<item>", ...
Checks the players inventory and gives these items if they are lacking.
Default: No items are given to the player.
  • exitfade = <positive integer>
Duration in Doom tics of the exit fade.
Default: 30
  • floornumber = <positive integer>
The floor number to show on the status bar.
Default: 1
  • forcetally = <bool>
Run the normal intermission sequence even if levelbonus is set or during the victory sequence.
Default: false
  • highscoresgraphic = "<picture>"
Small icon to display instead of the floor number on the high scores table.
Default: The floor number
  • levelbonus = <positive integer>
Number of points to give for completing this level.
Default: 0
  • levelnum = <positive integer>
The level number which is used for warping. For MAPxy labels this number is automatically assigned.
Default: 0
  • music = "<lump>"
The music to play for this level.
Default: Undefined?
  • spawnwithweaponraised
Starts the level with the weapon already raised.
Default: false
  • secretdeathsounds = <bool>
Swaps all deathsounds for their secretdeathsounds.
Default: false
  • [secret|victory]next = "<map>"
  • [secret|victory]next = EndSequence, "<sequence>"
Specifies which map to go to when the exit is activated. EndSequence will instead go to a intermission sequence. secretnext is the same as next only applies to the secret exit. victorynext is likewise the same but is usually triggered by bosses which call the Exit_Victory special.
Default: Undefined?
  • specialaction = "<actorclass>", "<special>"[, <arg0>[, <arg1>[, <arg2>[, <arg3>[, <arg4>]]]]]
Gives a special action to be called by A_BossDeath when all of the specified type are dead.
Default: No special action.
NOTE: Multiple special actions can be defined.
  • nointermission
Disables the normal intermission screen and goes to the next level immediately.
Default: false (display normal intermission)
  • par = <positive integer>
The par time of the level in seconds.
Default: 0
  • translator = "<lump>"
Name of map translation lump.
Default: Whatever translator is defined in Gameinfo