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Doomseeker switches to Mercurial 2011-09-18 15:29:20

So pretty much the only noteworthy thing I've done in the last two months (that I can think of) is switch Doomseeker over to Mercurial. The repository can now be found on my bitbucket account. Thanks go out to AlexMax for preparing the conversion for us ahead of time.

Inventory 2011-07-31 21:30:39

Seeing that ECWolf got back on track I was able to do some work on some other projects. Firstly, I've significantly simplified Doomseeker's plug-in code. Hopefully the improvements I made will allow for building a stable ABI along with making it actually reasonable to expect someone other than myself to write a plug-in. Plug-ins still more or less need to be developed out of a working copy of Doomseeker, but it takes drastically less effort to get the plug-in running for the first time. Hopefully I'll be able to put up some documentation on the Doomseeker website after the next release.

Other than that of course most of my time has been spent trying to get ECWolf back into a working state. At this point the DECORATE parser is more or less feature complete. There are still a few minor syntactical features that are missing, but for the most part it is just a matter of implementing action functions, properties, flags, and of course the special classes. One thing that's a bit difficult right now is determining where to draw the line with being "compatible" with ZDoom (my main concern being with default values for various properties). To give a clear picture of where I'm at with the DECORATE code I can say that custom monsters are possible and I'm working on implementing the inventory system (custom weapons, ammo, health, and other pickups). If things continue at this rate I should be able to have a working demo by the end of this year.

Not According to Plan 2011-06-25 05:20:34

After developing the specification for the new map format for Wolfenstein 3D my plan was to have a working implementation at the beginning of this month. Well at least a partial implementation. Well as it turns out there wasn't really a way to simply augment the new code with the old so it's turning out to be a whole lot more work than expected (I was thinking it would take me a week at most). For the end user this is actually good news since not only will I have a nearly complete implementation at the start, but other systems which I planed on working on later will be done. For example it'll have the ability to handle custom actors (monsters, decorations, etc) much sooner than expected. Once that's done I'll be able to completely dump the old resource code which means the palette issues will be sorted out.

I believe this will also solve most of the issues I have with supporting Spear of Destiny as well. I suppose this means another way to look at things in the first public release of ECWolf may be happening sooner than expected. In the mean time, my planned work on Doomseeker and ACC++ is on hold until I get this major task done.

BitOwl Application Suite 2 Released 2011-05-30 07:09:36

With over three years in development BitOwl Application Suite 2.0 has been released! While it lacks the poll script from BOAS 1.x this release brings about a much more consistent and stable code base (and probably with it much more security). Because of this I am immediately ending support for the 1.x series. As usual the release can be found on the project page.

While my source repository only goes back to three years ago I'm sure it has been longer than that due to the size of the initial commit. That said the project represent mainly the needs of my high school's newspaper where most of the progress in the last two years has happened. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if most of the code from the initial commit has changed during this period due to various rewrites. Overall the improved code quality means I finally have a product that I should be able to support for many years where the previous versions pretty much broke if you weren't using my exact server settings and PHP version.

Also, I moved the BOAS source repository over to Mercurial so that can be found on Bitbucket now.

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