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Productivity 2010-09-15 00:48:15

Today was fairly productive. Besides the fact that ZDoom had something like 20 revisions today, I've started doing more BOAS 2.0 work in school today. Right now I'm working on a new forms system for the control panel which will hopefully keep the interface unified (as well as speed things up since I won't need to write as many templates).

One of the main things with ZDoom is there has been a lot of work towards getting Doom 64 support. Obviously this will be no where near as accurate as Kaiser's Doom 64 Ex port, however it will certainly be playable (although the software renderer is quite ugly). Of course in order to render the levels I need to finish the 3dfloors branch, so I've also been poking at that again. Right now I have an r_drawzbuffer command so I can hopefully debug any zbuffer issues. Unfortunately at this point it seems like the zbuffer is correct, but what is rendered isn't.

Also, recently Skulltag moved back to The domain is now used for development issues (bug tracking, SVN, etc).

ACS Assembly 2010-08-21 05:13:45

Lately I've made a decent amount of progress on the ACS assembler. At this point I'm generating scripts compatible with ZDoom extensions. I'm still about 9 chunks away from being able to start on the compiler, but so far things are looking up for ACC++.

The USDF 2.0 specification was also passed recently. As such version 1.4 of the USDC compiler is available over at This also means ZDoom can now read USDF scripts natively.

Lastly I've started a Lets Play on Descent Maximum. You can watch those videos on my YouTube channel.

Not Much 2010-08-10 05:27:34

Not a whole lot to say really. I installed some KDE programs on my Mac to make it marginally bearable. Other than that I've been tired from waking up early for 4 days or so due to family events.

Also I've said at some point that I was planning on doing another lets play. At this time Quake 2 Mission Pack 1 co-op is planned. I was going to do Descent Maximum except I can't find an RCA splitter, so that's on hold. I'm also considering doing Strife.

USDC 1.3 Released 2010-07-27 23:28:38

USDC 1.3 has been released. Mostly fixes some issues with malformed data.

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